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M. S. Menon of Unique Electrical Engineers  

An inspirational journey of Mr. M.S. Menon who gives hope to the young electrical contractors that nothing is impossible. He is well known for his business ethics and knowledge. He has done so much in electrical contracting in a limited time that he could easily be the inspiration for anyone. People like Mr. Menon is the living example of zero to hero. Mr. M. S. Menon of Unique Electrical Engineers and Contractors was born and brought up at Quilon in Kerala. He passed the Diploma in Electrical Engineering. After completing his electrical diploma he came to Mumbai with a friend in search of employment. Immediately after reaching Mumbai, his friend got a job in the gulf and he left Mumbai.

Mr. Menon stayed at the Matunga Railway Quarters with some other Keralite people. They helped him. He was new to Mumbai city. Then he started searching for a job on his own. He met people in the Electrical field. One of them was Mr. S. R. Kumar. He was Chief Electrical Engineer in Shipping Corporation of India. Because of some problems he was out of service for some period. He had started his own contracting work during that period. His main client was Phoenix Mills. He gave employment to Mr. Menon. And Mr. Menon did a lot of cabling work in Phoenix Mills. He worked with Mr. Kumar for four years. After that Mr. Kumar rejoined the service of Shipping Corporation. He asked Mr. Menon, can you take over this business? Mr. Menon agreed and looked after his clients.

Mr. Menon was having a friend named Ramsingh. He was an electrical contractor with BSES. It had a section to undertake electrical contracting jobs. Through BSES Ramsingh was assigned a job of electrification of a big GNFC Urea plant of Gujarat Narmada Valley Corporation at Bharuch. Ramsingh was unable to handle it singly. He asked Mr. Menon to come to Bharuch with him. He went and stayed there for 2 years and monitored all electrical installation work of that big plant. Meanwhile, he shifted his residence to Andheri(E).

At this time Sahar International Airport was emerging at Andheri and the work at Bharuch was about to be complete. He was in search of a new big contract. So he tried to get electrical contracting work at Sahar Airport. That work was assigned to Bayana and Co. He directly met Mr. M. H. Bayana – the chief of that company. They were also in search of some capable person to carry out the electrification work of the proposed international airport. Mr. Menon told Mr. Bayana that he has the necessary experience, labor team, and expertise but doesn’t have enough finance to procure the material, etc. Bayana trusted him and assured him to provide financial support and also provide material. In this way, Mr. Menon undertook that tremendous job. He had to monitor and lead a team of 100 junior electricians during that period. It took four years to complete it. The Airport was inaugurated by the then President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. During the period he became familiar with many officers of the Airport Authority of India and other MSME enterprises and he became a regular Electrical contractor for AAI. He did a lot of work in the main building of Sahar International airport. He also worked for various offices of foreign Airlines.

He has got vast experience in this field. He is 63 now. He works for only two builders nowadays. One of them is Mr. Kiran Hemani and the other is Aakruti Constructions. Kiran Hemani is the main contractor of Mumbai Slum Development Corporation. Mr. Menon does Liasoning also. He advises new contractors to do the best kind of job and get the best remuneration. He tells you to be sincere with your clients. He says, first you should be satisfied with your work. He considers his contribution towards the slum development work as a kind of social work only. He is fond of fishing. He has a huge fish tank in his home in which fishes of the rarest kind are kept.

Mr. Menon has a well-equipped gym at his house. He exercises regularly. At this age, he can climb a 20-floor building. His son is an Electronics Engineer and works in the field of Software Development. He does not want to pursue his father’s business. The reason, if asked, he says, I want to go beyond that. Mr. M. S. Menon has shown his determination by assisting the International Airport and MSME enterprises and for which he not only acquired the skill but also worked with the top-notch people in the electrical field. People like him are born to commit their lives to develop something great. Mr. Menon teaches the youth that people in all professions performed the duty effortlessly without any failure or distraction, especially electrical contractors. The only thing all of us need to do is to make a path for ourselves to grow and grab the opportunity as soon as we find one.

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