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Microbiome Therapy: A Potential Approach To Disease Management

Dr Ashok Kumar, President,CRD, IPCA Laboratories, explains how a focussed research on microbiomebased interventions can help to understand the mechanism of action for developing a more rational and scientific approach and clinical efficacy data,before giving it as a therapy to patients Compassion or an act of kindness with selfless motive makes people ‘feel good deep […]

Mr. Jatan Dodeja, President, Vashi Integrated Solutions  

In next five years, we will become a leading name in all segments of Electrical sector. Vashi Integrated Solutions, a leading provider of industrial, electrical, automation, power transmission and energy optimization products, is a channel partner of many global brands. Our representative interacted with Mr Jatan Dodeja at the Pune Expo organised by Ecam. A […]