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Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign

Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Installations: The mass awareness campaign on electrical safety started on June 26 2021, announced as the National Electrical Safety Week by the Central Electricity Authority. The campaign successfully completed more than 85 sessions during the period July 2021 to April 2022, participated […]

Ensuring Safer Tomorrow: An Initiative Towards Electrical Safety

The event had Mr.Shreegopal Kabra, Chairman and Managing Director, RR Global, as chief guest. Among the eminent speakers was Industry expert & accomplished electrical consultant Mr. Ajit Kulkarni and also Assistant Divisional fire officer Mr. D S Patil from the Fire department, Mumbai. More than 100 electrical contractors participated in the seminar. It’s a fact today that electrical safety is […]