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Why Product Design & Packaging Is Important In Marketing

Product design & packaging play a very vital role in branding your products. In the retail environment, One thing that should be noted is that the ‘catchier’ the design is, the more audiences it will attract. Good design & packaging will also enable you to differentiate your products from your competitors. Therefore, a product with excellent packaging and layout will look more appealing and attractive to the eyes.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should have an interesting packaging and design for your product. 


Brand Recognition And Differentiation


A good product design & packaging will help your buyers differentiate your brand from another brand in the market when it sits with them on the shelf. This is because the packing involves your logo, color scheme, fonts, size, shape, and design that will set your product apart from the competitor’s product. The packaging should be eye-catching so that it can stand out quickly and be identified by the customer. It is also important to not keep changing the packaging as it will confuse the buyer’s decision. Coke has made minor changes in its packaging but always stayed true to its original look.




While concentrating on making your product charming, the core reason for packaging – security, should not be forgotten. Design Packing should contain safety directions like expiry date, packing date, list of ingredients, etc. No harmful chemicals or smells should transfer from the packing material to the main product. The product should be durable so the product is secure. Nowadays, buyers are very sensitive about their health and the safety of the packaging as well. According to research, 40% of customers prefer to buy products without plastic. One of the world’s biggest companies, Costa Coffee has decided to include discounts on reusable cups and planned to remove all plastic straws from cafes.


Buyers properly choose the brand which has product packaging that is reusable and can be recycled. A packaging that is easy to use, simple to fold and store, will provide the customers more than just using and throwing the product away. Today’s trend in packaging has evolved from sole-use to multi-purpose use. It makes the product reasonable in the subconscious minds of customers.In many Indian homes, we would see how Nutella jars are used to store pickles, cookie/biscuit tins are converted to sewing boxes or you would catch yourself drinking a homemade milkshake in a Keventer’s jar. This not only makes the package reusable but also creates a recall factor whenever customers use the container.

The Unboxing Experience


The ultimate goal is to give the buyers the best experience while they are opening the product. Product packaging creates a lasting memory. It is an essential marketing tool that highlights the best features and an impressive and exciting experience for the customer. It is a gateway to the customer’s satisfaction and can elevate your brand value. Many celebrities post their product unboxing look on their social media handles. 45% of customers who view unboxing videos claim that the video convinced them to purchase the product.

Communication Medium

Nowadays, design packaging represents the brand other than the product. There is no better way to connect with buyers than through packaging. For FMCG products especially, its packaging is the final touch with end-customers. Brands are going towards personalization and also use packaging as a medium of marketing. Your brand message is more than the benefits of the product. The benefits need to be related to what your audience cares about. Lay’s brings a global ‘Smile’ campaign by changing the packaging but not losing its original essence. They convey the idea of how a ‘smile’ comes in a variety of flavors and portrays various moods and emotions.Campaign masters make Eco-friendly custom printed packing materials for every business. order your packing materials now.


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