Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign

Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Installations:

The mass awareness campaign on electrical safety started on June 26 2021, announced as the National Electrical Safety Week by the Central Electricity Authority. The campaign successfully completed more than 85 sessions during the period July 2021 to April 2022, participated by organisations such as Indian railways, ISRO, BHEL, electrical Inspectorates of state governments etc. Each session had an average participation of 250 engineers, and could train more than 20,000 individual subjects/engineers during this period. Details of the completed programs are available at The next part of technical training open for electrical engineers as scheduled below. Technical training is split into 4 sessions of 2 hours each (total 8 hours). Participation in all the four sessions are mandatory. Since the training is on a technical subject, only electrical engineers or practicing engineers will be able to understand the subject.



Date & Time : 21 (Saturday), 22 (Sunday), 28 (Saturday), 29 (Sunday) of May 2022. 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

For Registration Please click the following link or scan the QR code: Participation is free of charge, limited seats

Subjects and contents

1. Earthing Part 1 (IS3043 & IS732).

System earthing & safety in each network, Equipment earthing, Protective Equipotential Bonding & Protective conductors.

2. Earthing Part 2 (IS3043 & IS732).

Sizing of conductors for earthing, Interpretation of IS3043, Reading and understanding CEA safety regulations (Measures relating to safety and electric supply 2010).

3. Basic design criteria of an LV electrical installation (IS 732).

Protection against electric shock, thermal effect (fire due to short circuit), over current & short circuit, over voltages, Selection of equipment, Safety services.

4. Inspection and testing of an electrical installation (IS 732).

Basics of inspection, Subjects & methods of inspection, Reasons for inspection, Subjects of testing, Methods of testing with videos, Periodic testing.




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