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Pradip Shah of Sunlec Electrical Engineering Services

Both the partners of Sunlec Electrical Engineering Services, Mr. Pradip Shah and Mr. Sunil Vora were classmates when they passed B. E. ( Elect.) in 1981. They wanted to start their own business. They mutually decided to do service for a short period to gain experience. Accordingly, they worked on high posts for a period of four years before they started their partnership firm in 1986. They started their business as electrical contractors in Bhayander. At the same time, in 1986 Palghar was declared as a D zone and various government facilities were made available to small-scale industries.

As a result, various big companies shifted to Palghar-Tarapur Industrial Zone. Therefore, the partners of Sunlec also shifted the base of their activities to Palghar. They undertake the electrical engineering works on a Concept to Commissioning basis. The design of total electrification modules based on customers’ requirements and get them executed. They always insist on ISI marked, standard, rated, and specified high-quality material. Their planning and use of equipment are so accurate that obsoletion loss is just 5% in the works done by them. They also guide the operating staff to operate the system properly.

They educate people about proper use, safety, and preventive maintenance. In this way, they have promoted a healthy and safe work culture. They started their business as electrical contractors and later on turned to the manufacturing of electrical panels too. Now they are also in the field of installation of solar power generation plants. During the course of over 25 years, they have served more than 900 companies.

Nowadays their work is going on in various states. Once a client is attached to them, he remains their patron forever and brings more clients for them. This in itself is a certificate of goodwill earned by the firm. Mr. Pradip Shah, partner of Sunlec believes that the culture of small-scale industries should be promoted and the information regarding statutory rules like regulations of electrical authorities, safety norms, etc. should be accommodated in the curriculum of Electrical Engineering.

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