The Success Story of Mukul Damania an entrepreneur with extraordinary skills and talent


Mukul Damania From DNB Electricals

The Success Story of Mukul Damania as an entrepreneur with extraordinary skills and talent, which is the best example of an MSME success story of an Electrical Contractor. The Damania family has a very long tradition of business as an Electrical Contractor. Ishwarlal Damania, grandfather of Mukul, started this business at Lohar Chawl in 1917. He was one of the founders of the Electrical Contractors Association and also the Electrical Merchants Association. Mukul’s father continued in the same business. Because of this family background, Mukul also opted to do a career in this very field with the help of latest technology.

Mukul used to rise early in the morning and extended his working hours for almost 16 hours a day and this habit has rewarded him and made him a Hero from Zero. He passed B. Tech ( Elect) from IIT, Madras in 1970. After that, he immediately joined his family business of Electrical contracting. He tried to expand the horizons of business. Before his joining, the MSME business was confined only up to textile mills, silk mills, and art silk mills. He obtained clients from different sectors like Pharma and Chemical industries. This helped them when the business from the textile industry in Mumbai got reduced due to the strike.

Mukul wanted to do something extraordinary in life, He also believed that, if you want to do business, you must be willing to take business risks. Now his clients include CIPLA, Osaka Ltd, Parle Breweries, S. S. Kelkar (famous perfume and edible flavors manufacturer). He had done wiring of Cipla’s Vikhroli, Mumbai Central & Patalganga plants. Most of his clients are exporters. They have to adhere to European standards for all their processes. As an electrical contractor, DNB Electricals also has to comply with international safety and other norms. Since Mr. Mukul Damania is an expert and learned technical professional, he had never failed on these international standards.

He urges new entrepreneurs to be honest with their clients. Never use substandard material. Never cheat the client on specifications or designs. If your architect has specified a cable of a particular thickness don’t use a cable of lower thickness though it works. He tells the youth that do your first job properly and then work will automatically flow towards you.  He has to provide personal attention at all places where his work goes on. So he could not get time for any kind of hobby. But he helps needy people and victims of natural calamities like floods. Mukul Damania, and his Success Story as Electrical Contractor is an inspiration for all of us. He has risen from Zero to Hero. For entrepreneurs who wish for success, the story of Mukul will surely encourage them to discover unique ideas. We wish Mukul all the best and wish to emulate him on the path to success.


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