Mr. Rohit Gosalia, Director, Pristine Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Rohit Gosalia, Director “As per Requirement, we mould ourselves in Business” Pristine Engineering Services, wholesale traders, suppliers and service providers, has an advanced infrastructure which caters to all the needs of their customers. The facilities here are laced with all the needed machinery and equipment. Mr Gosalia, director of the company, interacted with the representative of IECT at the Expo organized by Ecam at Pune. We present here a few excerpts of the live discussion for the readers of IECT.

Q 1: For Pristine, it is a long journey of nearly 37 years. How do you feel when you look back at 1985? How was the journey?

Ans : The journey was not very smooth. But because of our technical background we could survive. We did service-oriented business. We have survived and doing well. And now well settled in business.

Q 2: You are a supplier & service provider of various automation products. What Are the latest innovations?

Ans : Actually, we are service providers for the electrical power products like switchgear and transformers. Today, a lot of switchgear technologies are coming. We have got imported solutions for that.

Q 3: How was your experience during covid? How is the market post covid?

Ans : Fortunately the electrical industry was not affected. In covid we were fully operational. Because of our essential services for society. There are many opportunities for electrical industry post covid.

Q 4: There are several issues in every business. How you handle new technologies. finance, customer expectations, online orders etc.?

Ans : Basically you have to move as per the market requirements. We have to update technology as per market. We have improved in our quality.  We also have several types of products. We are also doing business of products made in Germany. All those Products are updated ones. These manufacturers are updating as per market requirements. The main problem in our market is customer expectations.  Challenges are there but we have to show the value that we are giving to our customers. We are fully operational in online business.  Our e-commerce presence is very strong.  We are getting lots of inquiries.

Q 5: Which are the turning points in your 37 years journey? Giving push to business growth?

Ans : When we started doing business,  we were doing only spare part business. Because of the knowledge and technical knowhow of the spare parts, we started maintaining full equipment for the after sales services. As we are growing, somewhere in 2003-04 a cable company approached us to become their distributors. Accordingly, we became their distributor. We are taking small steps.  No such turning points. As per requirement, we try to mould ourselves into the market requirements.

Q 6: What is your expansion plan in the next 5 years?

Ans : We are getting into tie ups with bigger companies. We are trying to do additional business of cables etc. We are going to appoint some new directors also.

Q 7: What guidelines you would like to give to the young businessmen?

Ans : Young people should be clear in what they want to do. They should do good market survey about the product in which they are going to do business. You must have good vision of business. Maintaining business is very hard. You should be ready to change as per the market scenario.

Q 8: What are your expectations from our electrical contractor association?

Ans : You are already doing a good job. Giving good exposure to electrical business. When new technologies come, people read your magazine.

Q 9: What are your hobbies?

Ans: I have a passion to become a good athlete.  Hence, I do run in a lot of marathons. I had injuries in my knees a few years ago. I do swimming, cycling, trekking etc. Next Sunday I am doing 1.9km in the ocean. My friend is doing cycling and other activities. I will be doing the 1st part. Partner will do the second and third part. In Pune also I have participated in sports activities.


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