Mr. Kiran Kulkarni, DGM, Marketing, Domestic Division, Gala Thermo Shrink Pvt. Ltd.

Gala Thermo Shrink makes a constant effort through R&D to provide the most innovative
range of Power cable accessories and heat shrink fittings. The company always strives to
give quality products. We met Mr Kiran Kulkarni, DGM, marketing during the Expo of Ecam at Pune and had a detailed talk with him. We present here a few comments by Mr Kulkarni regarding his company.

Q 1: For Gala Shrink, It is a long journey of 43 years. How you feel looking back at 1979?
How was the journey up till now?
Ans : ‘Gala Shrink’ was started with a very small beginning. We had 1 or 2 rooms’ factory at Kandivali. From there we started and now it has become a 75 acres sq. feet area. We have got this factory In Palghar. So, it is a very long journey. We have diversified our sales. We have got six moulding machines with all in house facilities. We always believe in Make in India principle. We do not import anything. We are exporting.

Q 2: How you face the competition while exporting? And what about your R&D activities?
Ans : Exporting nowadays is very difficult because of the war and all other factors. But earlier, 70 to 80% of our sales figure was coming from export only. We are mostly export oriented. And all qualifications and certifications required for exporting are there with us. Recently
we received award also from Govt of India. We have got a separate SEZ Unit for exporting to other countries. We are exporting to 106 countries. As far as R&D facility is concerned, naturally we have developed our products as per the international standards of R &D. All the required facilities are in house only. And that is the major benefit of Gala shrink.

Q 3: What are the major countries you are exporting.?
Ans : We are exporting to 106 countries to be very precise. All African countries, Europe, American
countries, south America. We have got a big export house you can say.

Q 4: How was your experience during covid pandemic ? And how is market doing post covid?
Ans : Actually to be very honest, in covid also we were not having any financial issue or nothing like that. Our Team was doing very good. Our orders were also going on. Hence post covid and pre covid we had no difference. जो earlier था वही अभी चल रहा है.

Q 5: There are several issues in every business. Like new technologies are coming,
finance, customer relations, online trade etc. So how you are handling?
Ans : We don’t have any difficulty. Because we are a system based company. Everything is very transparent and everything is online only. So online business is not a problem for us. As far as finance is concerned, we are exporting products. Hence there is no financial problem for us. And naturally there is competition in every business. Hence we face all the competition.

Q 6: What do you think when you look back 43 years. What was your turning point about company?
Ans : This business was started by our chairman and his son Mr. Bhavesh Gala, who entered in
business 25 years back. After he entered in business, that was the turning point. He has expanded business like anything.

Q 7: What are the expansion plans?
Ans : We will be adding some other products in cable accessories.

Q 8: Many youngsters are doing start-ups. What advise you would like to give to such businessmen?
Ans : Nowadays it is very tough to start any new business. But you must have patience. And courage to continue your efforts.

Q 9: What are your expectations from Ecam?
Ans : This is our first entry in an Ecam event. We are expecting good business and enquiry flow.
Even we are planning if same exhibition can be done in Mumbai also.

Q 10: This is all about business? What are your hobbies?
Ans : I am a marketing person. So travelling is basic. But how you care about your health because marketing मतलब घुमना Yes that is drawback of marketing. I am staying away from
My family and all time. That is the cost for marketing.


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