Mr. Ketan Vora and Mr. Mukesh Vora, The Directors of Kenter Cables Pvt. Ltd.

India has a huge potential for our segment of business. The directors of Kenter Cables Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of wires and cables, have a passion and a continuous quest to understand the requirements of the consumers. They believe in delivering smart solutions to all their customers.  Kenter had participated in the recently held Expo by Ecam at Pune. The representative of IECT, Ashish communicated with the directors of Lenter and had a long discussion. A few excerpts are presented here for the readers of IECT.    
Mr. Ketan Vora Director, Kenter Cables Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Mukesh Vora Director, Kenter Cable Pvt. Ltd.

Q 1.) Kenter has entered into 30 th year. How do you feel when you look at the year 1992? How was the journey! Ups and Downs? Milestones?
Ans: Like a Soldier on front standing and getting a bullet daily from any side standing on front while keeping the spirit strong with clear ethics. Our Milestone:
1992: Established a small unit at Kurla
1998 : Received the BIS certification for our XLPE cables
2005 : ISO certification received
2008 : XLPE-Fire Retardant Low Smoke Cables provided to the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
2009 : ROHS compliance testing completed successfully at Intertek-Singapore
2010 : Another unit added at Bhiwandi
2012 : Total Quality Assurance System implemented successfully
2018 : Contributed to the Nagpur Smart City Project with cables worth Rs. 150 Million
2019 : For the first and leading Data Center Project in India, supplied Fire Survival Cable of more than 300 km length
2020 : Latest plant integated at Vadodara with latest manufacturing facilities and testing equipment

Q 2.) How you maintain balance in quality and pricing? What precautions you take while facing competition?
Ans: India being price driven market we use our dynamics insourcing, manufacturing and balance both factors. We give preference to quality & Standards of manufacturing while giving.

Q 3.) How you ensure safety and security?
Ans: We adopt to new inventions in Safety measures of the staff, Machinery and Equipment in every year of our existence since 30years.

Q 4.) There are several issues in every business. How you handle new technologies, finance, customer expectations, online orders etc.
Ans: For manufacturing, we give preference to Technology and finance, as new technology comes with a cost, we consider opportunity cost. Technology overtakes finance cost and new Technology comes with a cost, but when we consider opportunity cost, technology overtakes finance cost in long run. For marketing customer expectation is given preference and priority. Online marketing is need of the hour. Which we have implemented.

Q 5.) Which were the turning points in this journey giving push to business growth?
Ans: Earlier we Trade in Cables for nearly 12yrs. Then took a risk of establishing a manufacturing unit. Dynamics of Manufacturing was different from Trading. Then we focused on Quality and Delivery and later network of customers and primary manufacturers using Wires & cables.

Q 6.) Any planning for expansion?
Ans: We have our manufacturing plant in Gujarat and planning for backward integration and planning for HT cables in near future.

Q 7.) What guidance you would like to give to young business people?
Ans: India has a huge potential for our segment of business. But do not get into figures. Keep your Ethics high, Clear, and practical. Make your activity eco-friendlier in long run.

Q 8.) Please tell us about your hobbies, travelling, art, culture, social work etc.
Ans: Drawing and carving, Travelling is must as I believe as you travel more and meet new people get new ideas and come across various culture and different business models. Form art and culture we come to know different risk appetite satisfaction level and even more tolerance in Indian culture. We are very happy and lucky as we got an opportunity for 22 years in research for printing process of religious manuscript on paper which have life of 500yrs and more. Being a part of Preserving our Indian culture and heritage of 2500years. One of our Vision to make our Industry use Iron drums instead of Wooden and help make our Earth Green.


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