Mr. Jatan Dodeja, President, Vashi Integrated Solutions  

In next five years, we will become a leading name in all segments of Electrical sector.

Vashi Integrated Solutions, a leading provider of industrial, electrical, automation, power transmission and energy optimization products, is a channel partner of many global brands. Our representative interacted with Mr Jatan Dodeja at the Pune Expo organised by Ecam. A few excerpts are presented here for the readers of IECT.

Q 1 : For Vashi Electricals, I think it is almost a forty-five years old company. How you look back to this long journey?

Ans : This company was started in 1978 by Mr. Madan and Mohan Dodeja. And this was started in a small garage. And today we have more than 25 offices all across the country, having staff of more than thousand people. The entire journey is very fumbling. Because it tells us how hard work and efforts is the only way towards success.  Now we are a family of thousand team members, working hard with a common Vision to become successful.

Q 2 : You are dealing with almost all leading brands in electrical sector. How you deal with competing brands?

Ans : See,  India is a vast country and consumption in India is growing at very fast pace. We believe that the products in which we are dealing, are top of the line and India as consumer wants best products at best prices. We are not willing to compromise on the quality of products and there is large space for the leading brands in Indian market. When we talk about how competition, price is not the criteria. Availability is the criteria. We ensure that we can complete all customer requirements in one go. We work hard to ensure that 85% of our orders are executed on the same vary day. Therefore, competition from other brands is not as high. 

Q 3 : Very soon you will be celebrating golden jubilee in 2028. How you see Vashi Integrated in 2028?

Ans : We as ‘Vashi Integrated solutions’ have rebranded ourselves at the beginning of 2022.  We have formed sectors or segments in which we are focusing.  Today, we are sitting here in the Expo by the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Maharashtra. hence one of segment is contractors, one is panel builders, one is end user, solar EPC’s, machine manufacturers, retailers, exporters etc. We wish to see in next 5 years that we will become a leading name in each of these segments.  We have segment specific offerings.  We will be able to expand across multiple more segments. And cater to them with our strong foundation of transparency, ethical working and proactive communication.

Q 4 : Just  now  we  all have gone  through  covid  pandemic.  Now market is open.  How you see yourself post Covid.?

Ans : We  experienced that during  covid  our  technology  and  our infrastructure were very capable to deal with the covid pandemic situation.  And Vashi was open throughout the pandemic.  We started from 1st April 2020. And we have not shut any of our warehouses throughout the pandemic.  All our staff was working from home.  And we were able to manage the entire show. And in the pandemic year also, we grew. And in 21-22 also we grew. 

Q 5 : There are several difficulties, issues in every business in the form of technology changes, Online business, customer expectations, after sales service etc. How you fulfil all such requirements?

Ans : When I talk  about  technology,  we are working  on SAP since 2008.  We are working on sales course since 2016.  These are very strong foundations on which we have formed our entire business.  We have also launched our website four years ago.  And we have daily more than  1000 customers visiting our website.  In a month, we execute 400-500 orders of our customers that come through our website. We are present in the online space. We have launched online portal for all our existing customers. 

Where they can come and visit our website, online portal and check their consumption, they can check their stock, place orders on their own discount terms, agreed credit terms and pickup materials by themselves. This reduces their coordination efforts, reduces their efforts to ensure that they are on the phone call with us to find anything out. There is complete transparency.  And we have built up infrastructure like amazon. It is very easy. But amazon is b to b. Customer can come in and pick up material on credit.  Hence this is how we made it very easy for customer to come in and Work with Vashi. Because ease and convenience is the only way to get success. 

Q 6 : What do  you  think  which are  the major  turning  points  in your  total 45  years journey? 

Ans : Our turning points and pushing points have been many.  We have learned from our customers and our principals.  They have been guiding lights. Innovation they brought into industry, into their manufacturing processes.  We have picked up the best. And implemented in our business. 

Q 7 : Any expansion plans in future?

Ans : We  have  to  constantly  grow.  We have to constantly change.  There will be plans for us to explore in many more cities.  Exploring into export business.  Exploring across multiple more segments. That is the part of the game.  In last five years we had lot of expansion. Andi In next five years also expansion is expected.

Q 8 : Most of  young businessmen now  doing  start-ups.  And you know the young generation’s main motto is earn money in short time. Even you are very young. What suggestions, guidelines you will give to young businessman?

Ans : It was eight years ago when I joined this business.  At that time, I had an opportunity to study in US.  I had opportunity to continue my professional life there. Or come back to India. But I believe that when business fundamentals are strong and foundation is strong, building grows very tall. It is only one in thousand cases where quick results are sustainable. Business is what we have to work for.  I believe for all young people we should not look at what we can achieve in next one or two years.  Because we have to work for three or four decades more. And ensure that we build something sustainable. Which we can pass on to our future generations.

Q 9 : What  do you expect from association  like  us?

Ans : We  wish  for  more  engagement  among  the  contractors.  We wish for more opportunities where people can understand each other requirements and this community as general. 

Contractor is a very underestimated community in our society.  They are considered to be somebody who is not adding any value.  But we are value adders.  We believe if we can bring these qualities together what we are doing, and ensure that we don’t allow our end users to take advantage of us in this form, it will be helpful for the entire community. 

Q 10 : This  is   all about  business.  Now I just want to ask one personal question. What are your hobbies?  How you get time for yourself?

Ans : Work – life  balance  is  important  at  all  points.  If you don’t have any personal life, you will not get recharged and inspired to work harder the next day.  My hobbies are I like to spend my time with my family.  Once in year travel with them.  I like watching movies.


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