Mr. Aakash Saraf, Managing Director of Aakash Powertech Pvt. Ltd.

Commitment and Principles are the Foundations of our Business.

Aakash Powertech has innovated from a trading unit to integrated business development, marketing and sales service for their principals They call it a Resourceful Partnership. Recently, Aakash Powertech participated in the Expo arranged by Ecam at Pune. Our representative interviewed Mr Saraf and had a long discussion on various topics. Here are a few excerpts for the readers of IECT.

Q 1: For Aakash Powertech it is a long journey of 69 years. How you feel when you look back at the year 1953? 

Ans : It is not Aakash Power who has completed 69 years. My family is in this business since 69 years. My grandfather started this organisation. Then it was led by my dad and uncle. In 2006 we started Aaksh Powertech after a small family discussion. From 2006 Aakash Power as company came in to existence. Our family has been in electrical distribution business from 1953.

Q 2: What  are  the milestones in the progress of Aakash Powertech?

Ans : It  is  great feeling to expand  business and  contribute  in  industry.  Major milestone for us is our association with Polycab. Our association with all our manufacturers always has been with a perspective of mind to take it forward. After Polycab, then we got into motors with Hindustan motors, Marathon motors. With that type of customer segment, we were able to get wide range of customers. This has given us big milestone.  I feel that every time a manufacturer who comes with us, it itself becomes a milestone, because new markets open up, new ideas come. That is one biggest advantage for us.

Q 3: How  you  update  yourself  regarding  latest  information, latest technology?

Ans : I am quite  fond  of  reading.  Generally, now there is no time for reading. But many magazines are there. Online magazines are there. I keep reading updates, articles.  Majorly online because while moving in car, travelling etc. Generally, I subscribe to online articles, newsletters etc.

Q 4: How you ensure safety  and  security 

Ans: We are very peculiar about associating with our manufacturer. We are representing manufacturers who are making to quality products in India.  We directly deal with the manufacturer and not with any middleman.  We guarantee customer to deliver 100% original product, eg products like lungs and glands in which lot of duplicacy is possible. Whenever we dispatch our products a test certificate is given. We see that we do not deliver wrong products to customer.

Q 5: There  are  several issues  in  every  business. Just now we had covid Pandemic. How you handle the technology and online business?

Ans : By  the time  passes  technology  is going  to change  by  default . Earlier people used to say, the email technology has come. And we must shift business to email.  Nowadays there is no business that can function without email.  We have to learn. Some things we do better than others. Others   are doing better than us.  We have to learn from them.

Q 6 : How  you  look  at  business  post  covid ?

Ans : During  covid  there  was  little  difficulty.  But post covid everything is alright. India is a huge market. There is lot of potential in our country today.  Covid was like speed breaker you can say. But   as far as business is concerned, we have to move on.  There are challenges who taught us to work on things from new perspective. 

Q 7: What  is  your expansion  plan  in  next  5  years?

Ans : We  have  full  setup  of  offices, branches  in  Pune  also .  We are expanding our regions.  We have 2 or 3  approaches towards expansion.  One is we want to expand our market share in business. Second, we want to enter in   regions. Third, we want to add new products.  This is our Vision to expand in next 2 or 3 years.

Q 8: What  you  are  expecting  from  electrical  contractors?

Ans : We  don’t  expect  from  contractors.  We want to meet customer expectations. Electrical Contractors are our customers.  So  we  generally  want  to  meet  their  expectations rather  than  expecting  something  from  them . Not all people are quality and safety conscious.  It should be. We should think about the long -term gains. Keep the competition healthy.

Q 9: Many  youngsters are  doing  good  in  start-ups.  What would you suggest to them?

Ans : I feel  hard  work  and  ground work have  no  choice. That is my suggestion. Any start-up which you do. Now a days becoming big over- night and all things are there.  But unless and until there is no hard work and ground work, long race cannot be won.

Q 10: This  is  all  about  business.  What are your hobbies?

Ans : I  enjoy  reading.  Watching movies.  Many times we read about industry. Reading about self-development, business ideas.  Now a days I enjoy watching inspirational videos on you tube. OTT is a big platform. 


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