Limitless Possibilities For A Capable Men Gerry Lewis

Gerry Lewis of Gloria Mark Electrics Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai is a magic city. It provides a source of livelihood to everyone. That is why people from all parts of the country flow to Mumbai in search of employment. The magic does not end here. This city also provides unlimited opportunities for progress for a capable person. If you are sincere and hardworking, you can reach a high destination in this city. The owner of Anedheri’s Gloria Mark Electrics Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Gerry Lewis is a living example of this.
He hails from Mangalore. Since his native place could not assure any career opportunities he came to Mumbai after passing Twelfth in Commerce. In Mumbai, he had an uncle staying at Vile Parle.

His uncle was an electrical contractor. As he was staying with his uncle he had to go to various sites with his uncle to help him. Being curious by nature he helped his uncle intensely and acquired a lot of practical knowledge by questioning and observing the field of electrical contracting. Though he completed B. Com. in 1996, he was no longer interested in pursuing a career in Commerce and Accounts. Instead, he went on concentrating on Electrical Contractors’ business.

He also obtained a separate license from the PWD Department. When he got married in 1996, the increasing family responsibilities led him to get separated from his uncle. He started his own company named Gloria Mark which was later converted into a Private Limited Company in 2008. Mr. Gerry Lewis holds good relations with people from all walks of life. Right from an ordinary worker to a Managing Director of a company he always behaves politely with all. This very virtue helped him a lot when he started his own business.

He got his first-ever job contract through one of his best friends. It was of Pet Oxford High School, Kandivali. He was not in a position to employ paid workers at that time. So he completed that work with the help of his friends and brother-in-law. As soon as that work was completed he got another work of electrification of a building from Kabra & Associates, Thane. His good relations with Kabra & Associates are continuing even after two decades. Then he never looked back. His nature of keeping healthy relations with all paid handsome dividends. He continued getting jobs and his business florished. Now he is respected as a well known Electrical Contractor.

He executes wiring assignments of residential and commercial nature. Right now he is completing various projects in Mangalore , Goa etc. He also works for BMC. Mr. Gerry Lewis advises young contractos to keep friendly ties with all. He states, one should keep selfconsciousness alive. Don’t think that you are working for others. Consider the job as if it is your own. We must get job satisfaction from our work. When it gets completed you should get satisfied with your own work. Avoid quarel and speaking ill about others. He suggests to go on increasing friendship ties. Our business expands in proportion with our friendship network. Mr. Gerry Lewis likes to watch television. He provides educational help to some needy students.

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