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Deepak Israni From Deepak Light House

It’s not a surprise that you hear about Real stories like success stories are encouraging in their own way; but to us, it’s even more inspiring to hear about people who started with nothing, who start with zero and become a hero. Some are entrepreneurs who began their journey with no financial support, and sometimes no education or experience, yet despite the odds were still able to build massive successes. Deepak Israni of Deepak Light House, In 1969, Shri Nihalchand Israni formed one electrical contracting firm and named it after his son Deepak Light House. After 45 years this company has made enormous progress in this field. This is due to the vision, hardworking and progressive approach of his son Deepak Israni. Deepak Israni decided to pursue a career in his father’s field and completed a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Bhagubhai Polytechnic, Vile Parle in 1994.  After getting academic knowledge he immediately joined his father’s business. Earlier the scope of the work of Deepak Light House was confined only to household wiring and that also of buildings up to 4 floors. Deepak Israni spread his wings. He changed the focus of their business to Industrial Electrification. He developed contacts and connections. He did massive marketing and became successful in getting jobs that were not earlier executed by their firm. It was a changing era. High-rise buildings were coming up. The concept of small apartments was disappearing and skyscrapers were coming into existence. Accordingly, the need for electrical points per household was also increasing.

Some new demands like lift, security equipment, switches for air conditioners were getting added to old-fashioned wiring. The electrification of a building has not remained simple. It has become complicated and instead of ordinary wiring, the use of panels was started. Deepak Israni took advantage of the situation and started the paneling work. In paneling systems, the use of electricity for various purposes is segregated into different channels, and electrical contracting is done accordingly. Nowadays Deepak Light House is working on three aspects. Electrification, Panelling, and Liasoning for client’s government-related work. Deepak Light House has completed many projects for Romell Real Estate in Goregaon, Malad, Jogeshwari, and Andheri. It had also done plant electrification of Garden Food Products at Bhiwandi which produces food products under the name- Namkeen. They had also worked for Universal Builders. Mr. Deepak Israni tells the new electrical contractors to understand the customer’s needs first. He insists that commercial aspects like pricing, type of material to be used should be decided beforehand. He also insists on putting these things on paper. He strongly recommends the installation of smog detectors in the meter room so that if fire catches it can be curbed at an early stage.

He believes that electrical contractors should guide the customers and suggest using standard material that provides their safety, although it costs a little higher and usually it ensures the safety and unnecessary harm. He strongly condemns the government’s practice of giving licenses as electrical contractors to less educated people. He says licenses should not be given to anybody based only on his working experience. Some minimum qualification criteria should be decided so that a contractor will be able to understand his responsibility. He expects the Electrical Contractors Association to play a more active role in this matter. He suggests the association organize seminars to increase technical knowledge, safety awareness, and understanding level of contractors. Mr. Deepak Israni helps MSME businesses and organizations that work for poor children. Also, supports the Mother Teressa Ashram situated at Borivali. He is very fond of traveling. So far he has covered all of North India. He is planning to go to South India now.

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