Insistence Is The Key Quality Of Success: Prakash Motwani

Prakash Motwani of CONA Industries

MSME entrepreneurs find a million reasons to give up even before starting their business. but the will to fight against all odds and becoming an inspiration to other MSME entrepreneurs which gives him hope and the motivation to be more. And to change their reality from zero to hero. Is a true achievement of success. This is the story of a youth entrepreneur who has achieved many successes in his life, Mr.Prakash Motwani. Cona is a very famous brand of electrical fixtures. Cona Industries was formed in 1968. Now Mr. Prakash Motwani is the Managing Director of this company. It was started by his brother as a trading concern. Mr. Prakash and his father started manufacturing during the course of time. They manufacture quality electrical wiring accessories.

Cona is known for its wide product range, good quality and innovative products, flawless safety, and affordable prices. During the initial period, the company had to face a lot of problems related to labor, quality, and production. Government policies prevailing at that time were also a big problem. The policies were not encouraging to entrepreneurs at that time. Prakash Motwani emphasized quality and R&D and solved all the problems successfully.

Now Cona industries have got a big team of Quality Supervisors and Research & Development technicians. On the basis of this team, Cona Industries can promise Zero Quality Defects and 100 % safety. Cona has its manufacturing units in Mumbai, Silvassa, and Haridwar. Cona industry sticks to quality and goes on improving It. It has 5 working laboratories in which talented team-comprising engineers and technocrats – is appointed which assure new innovative products. All the Cona products assure Flawless Safety, High Power saving capacity, durability, High accurate dimensions, Trouble-free usage, Resistance to voltage fluctuation, and efficiency.

Mr. Praksh Motwani looks after quality matters. He has obtained the highest number of ISI marks in the Electrical Accessories Industry and he is also the first recipient of the ISO 9001-2000 Certification within the Electrical Accessories trade in India. In the period of around 45 years, Cona Industries has got a wide clientele base. Its clients include HDFC, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, Ahuja Builders, Ekta Developers, Hiranandani Builders, Lodha Builders, Nahar Shaikh Developers, Taj Hotels, Sun-n-sand Hotel, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Chevrolet, Cinemax, etc. It is also a government-approved company. Cona is approved with PWD dept, Railways, MHADA, NTPC, MPT, DOC, LIC, BARC, etc. Their future plans include introducing touch switches, home automation with new techniques, and this all at affordable prices for a common man. Mr. Prakash Motwani states that Cona is not the biggest but surely it is the best in quality products.

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