IECT ( Indian Electrical Contractor & Trader )


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What is IECT?

Indian Electrical Contractor & Trader (IECT) is an official magazine of the Electrical contractors’ association of Maharashtra is a monthly trade journal, which is now in its 68th year of publication. It serves as an organ of the Electrical Contractors Association of Maharashtra (EACM). It speaks all the various details of the Electrical industry right from developments in the energy Scenario in Maharashtra to India being the fastest growing economy in the world. Every month it writes on various topics starting from Introduction to central Electricity Authority (CEA) guidelines to improving safety with automation to spread awareness among the people.


Why should people read IECT

Why should people read IECT?

As IECT provides detailed information on the current technology especially in the Electric industry which may help people to gain knowledge about the growing technology. The various articles published in IECT speak on various issues which the world should know about. It also publishes ads on all kinds of electronic products ensuring safer, best quality along with effective services all over India. It helps you to choose the right product by giving accurate information about the product in the best ways possible. Right from the Solar system to LED lights it gives accurate product information. Does it also publish articles of famous MDs who express their thoughts & opinions on topics like Union Budget to Work from Home- town anyone? Reading these articles will help you to understand more about the current affairs of India.


Importance of Getting published

Importance of Getting published

When an organization is being published it gives more credibility than it has. Others will look towards it as a competent resource to address industry challenges, solve problems and provide market insights. It builds corporate enthusiasm. When a published article is shared internally, it makes others feel proud that they are part of a known and respected organization. Additionally, sharing published pieces with employees helps them better understand marketplace challenges and solutions. Then they can also become ambassadors and share your insights and thought leadership with other stakeholders.


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