Guideline for the Cyber Security in Power Sector

Under the direction of Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister Shri R K Singh the Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power has prepared the guideline for the Cyber Security in Power. Sector and it has been released moment. CEA under the provision of Section 3 (10) on Cyber Security in the “ Central Electricity Authority (Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid) ( Correction) Regulations, 2019” has framed guidelines on Cyber Security in Power Sector to be stuck by all Power Sector serviceability to Produce cyber secure ecosystem. This is the first time that a comprehensive guideline has been formulated on cyber security in the power sector. The guideline lays down needed actions for cyber security preparedness across colorful serviceability in the power sector to raise the position of cyber security preparedness for the power sector.

The Guideline has been prepared after ferocious reflections with stakeholders and inputs from expert agencies in the field of cyber security, similar as CERT-In, NCIIPC, NSCS, IIT Kanpur, and posterior reflections in the Ministry of Power as well. The Guideline have has been issued with the idea of creating a cyber secure ecosystem. It lays down a cyber assurance frame, strengthens the nonsupervisory frame, puts in place mechanisms. for security trouble early warning, vulnerability operation and response to security pitfalls, securing remote operations and services, protection and adaptability of critical information structure, reducing cyber force chain pitfalls, encouraging the use of open norms, creation of Exploration and development in cyber security, mortal resource development in the sphere of Cyber.

Security, Developing effective public-private collaborations and information sharing and cooperation. The guideline is applicable to all Responsible Realities as well as System Integrators, Equipment. Manufacturers, Suppliers/ sellers, Service Providers, IT Hardware, and Software OEMs engaged in the Indian Power Supply System for protection of Control Systems for System Operation and Operation Management, Communication systems and SecondaryAutomation and Tele control technologies.

These Guidelines are compulsory conditions to be met by all stakeholders and emphasize establishing cyber hygiene, training of all IT as well OT Personnel on Cyber Security, designating of Cyber Security Training Institutes as well as Cyber Testing labs in the Country. The Guideline authorizations ICT grounded procurement from linked “ Trusted Sources” and linked “ Trusted Products” or differently the product has to be tested for Malware/ Tackle Trojan before deployment for use in power force system network when the system for trusted product and service is in place. It will promote exploration and development in cyber security and open up requests for setting up Cyber Testing Infra in the Public as well as Private Sector in the country.


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