Good Things Happen To People Who Do Good Things: Aarun Poojary

Aarun Poojary Of Subaash Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

Starting from zero is the hardest thing in the world. It feels like everything and everyone is against you. but people like Aarun Poojary have fought against all odds and get a victory. A true example of zero to hero and an inspirational journey of an MSME entrepreneur. Known for delivering its promise since 1972, Subaash Electrical Private Ltd. (SEPL) began from a humble origin of 10 workers and today has a significant workforce of 500. SEPL has built an enviable reputation of being India’s ‘A’ class electrical contractors. We strive to achieve a stage of ultimate excellence between Quality Management and Cost Control. We have had opportunities of working with premium architects and consultants and have thus gained an edge to understand and execute complex designs within the given time frame. Living up to our core values and working standards we are always aligned on our vision of striving to be pioneers in providing unique solutions which benefit our customers and team members and enable them in achieving their milestones. This becomes a critical differentiating factor of SEPL group in the marketplace.

MR. MAHABAL POOJARY, Founder & Chairman. 1972 – Present. Founded the company with a vision of having a die-hard focus on quality. His philosophy of giving appreciation and care for his employees are the core reasons for his success which still continues. MR. SUBHASH KOTIAN, Director, With a keen interest in the field of electrical, he joined SEPL to support the legacy of Quality work and vision of his father. One of his many strengths is the final execution and workforce management in every project. He has a keen understanding of interiors and has executed a few projects himself. 

MR.AARUN POOJARY, Director, The development should start from the bottom level of an organization. “Bottom level should arise with the organization”. A young dynamic leader who just followed the footsteps of his father, brother & now established himself as a brand in the industry. He strongly believes in continuous upgradation through technology in every walk of our life. His mantra for business is not just to increase the turnover but to make a technically strong team backed with a strong process. He states that Human resource is the biggest challenge in today’s era. Emotions, unwillingness to change, not to come out from the comfort zone are the major roadblocks on our way.

Safety is one of the important aspects of our industry but in India it always takes a back seat. His dream is to build an empire of technically sound manpower teams where they themselves can uplift their life through knowledge and training. He feels that as responsible Electrical contractors we do not train our employees the practical technical procedure. The workers who have come from villages or other states do not have formal or technical education. The Government or Licensing Authorities do not care what is the knowledge and small level of the person. We are putting sophisticated electrical equipment in the hands of people who do not understand or realize the sensitivity of the equipment. There should be an Inbound training activity. Government should take more initiative in this industry where the maximum manpower of our country has been used in various site jobs. The gap between the employer and the employee can only be fully filled by the process and systems and redefining the structure. SEPL will soon start a training center at their head office for the workers and the engineer. Doing things in a different way is always in Mr.poojary’s vocabulary

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