Don’t Limit Yourself To Self-Defined Boundaries.

Rohit Desai of Desai Electric Company

The success story of a Rohit Desai who has done something different to support the MSME enterprise and inspired other Electrical contractors, who began their career from scratch. All successful entrepreneurs have two things in common: a clear vision & the drive to win and due to that hard work and persistence entrepreneurs like Rohit Desai have achieved tremendous success in his life, an electrical contractor who started simply by taking small industrial contractors. Rohit Desai started his business from nothing and with his hard work, he is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Mumbai. Desai Electric Company is the most popular name in the electrical business industry of India.

Desai Electric Company was formed by Daulatrai Desai in 1951. This company used to do small electric jobs like domestic wiring, fixing Geyser, etc. Rohit Desai is his son. He has had an attraction for this field since his childhood. After passing SSC he used to go to the sites and work practices. Thus he got first-hand experience in this field. He pursued his career in this field. He passed B. E. (Electricals) from Sardar Patel College, Andheri in 1975.

After that, he decided to change the whole scenario of his father’s business. He concentrated on Industrial Electrification. He had both theory and practical knowledge. He was energetic and qualified. Therefore he didn’t have to struggle a lot to get the break. He got his first job through one friend in Premier Automobiles, Kurla. It was a big job and was to be completed with the material. The Desai family did not have enough financial resources to procure material. Young electrical contractor Rohit Desai directly met suppliers with Purchase Order and asked for material. He promised them to pay their dues the next day after getting payment from the company. Suppliers were not knowing him but they trusted him and supplied the necessary material. Rohit Desai kept his words and it was a beginning of a new era for him. He completed that job in such a way that his name was automatically recommended for various other jobs, sometimes by his clients or by his suppliers. After that, he had never looked back even once. All his suppliers and even workers have had good relations with him for the last three decades.

Desai Electric Company is not a ‘yet’ another electrical contractor company. It executes only specialized projects which are most complicated and which ask for utmost knowledge and skill. One of such projects was the Special Pathogen Free Eggs Centre at Himachal Pradesh. In that eggs required for vaccination are produced. An egg produced here costs Rs. 85/-. This is a completely auto-operated project. Here right from temperature control to feeding of hens is done through machines. This project was based on modern hatchery technology. Rohit Desai and his team stood by the expectations and executed them.

One more such project was a specialty hospital for premature and infected newborn babies in Santacruz, Mumbai. Here all the directors were doctors. They told their requirements in medical terms and Rohit Desai converted them into electrical one. It is a world-class hospital. It was inaugurated by Amitabh Bachhan. While inaugurating he said that he can’t believe that such a hospital exists in India. Here infant babies are kept in incubators. If any calamity like 26 July 2005 happens and electric supply fails, care has been taken that the system can work for 72 hours without fresh power supply. This project also was very much complicated and cumbersome. Mr. Rohit Desai designed, executed, and commissioned it.

Some of the projects they had executed were related to national safety like the generation of nuclear energy where thorough knowledge and meticulous execution are required. Desai Electric Company is specialized in undertaking internationally competitive projects. Mr. Rohit Desai is 63 now. Still, he can work for 20 hours a day. He is a philosopher and an educationist also. He guides students and does counseling in career matters. Mr. Rohit Desai is an excellent example of zero to hero. He travels abroad a lot. He has got a lot of experience with the overseas education system. He asks youth to prove in competition. He urges them to always keep longing to learn new things. He says there is a difference between knowledge and information. Our education system provides information and not knowledge. Youth have to acquire it through hard work and dedication.

He tells the young electrical contractor to do any job presuming that it is their own. You are doing it for yourself. Don’t work for clients, work for yourself. If you are given a job of electrification of a hospital, think that it is my hospital. This era has given many advantages which were not available 40 years ago. Reap its benefits. Be techno-savvy. Always help others. Share knowledge with others. Come out of narrow thinking. You are having enormous capacity. Explore them. Don’t limit yourself to self-defined boundaries. He has got doctor friends in many renowned hospitals in Mumbai. He helps poor and needy patients by recommending their names for concessional treatment. He is also a scholar of the Indian Economy and shares platforms with institutions like Citi Bank etc. His son Vaibhav works in the USA. He is the director of an American company. He is among the top five persons in that company.

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