Deep Theoretical Knowledge Helps Better Implementation

S. S. Rao of Contronix

Contronix was formed by Shri S. S. Rao. He hails from Telangana in Andhra Pradesh. He is a highly qualified person. He passed B. E. (Electricals) from Hyderabad in 1963, Thereafter he joined Bharat Heavy Electricals and completed M. Tech. (Instrumentation) in 1968. After that, he moved to Mumbai and joined the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. He served at BARC up to 1982. Then he got an opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia. He was appointed as Deputy Chief Engineer in the Water and Electricity Department of the Saudi Government. He worked there up to 1990 and then returned to India. After that, he didn’t join any service but started Contronix, instead. Through this company, he undertakes Instrumentation and Electrification Contracts of industrial plants of big companies. So far through this company, he has done instrumentation for some big clients like Herdillia, Searl India, Johnsons Control, SBI, etc.  Contronix functions in both areas. In a plant, the design and execute automation of the production process and simultaneously they do electrification of that plant. Instrumentation or automation of a process needs careful study of the whole process and placing indicators, controls, remotes at appropriate levels and places.

It changes the manually operated process into auto operated one. Mr. S. S. Rao has got both theoretical knowledge as well as large practical experience in this field. So he can do it in a very specific way. Now his son Barat Rao helps him. Now they are busy in the electrification of the SBI-Information Technology Centre at Nerul. It is 6 storeyed building and a technology hub. Bharat Rao is looking after that job under the guidance of Shri S. S. Rao.

Mr. S. S. Rao advises newcomers in this field to first understand the theoretical part deeply and then try to implement that knowledge in a practical way. He urges to be truthful and faithful towards the job. He says only becoming successful is not sufficient. One should also get satisfied with the work he does. Mr. S. S. Rao is 75 now. He is a member of the All India Committee of ASCON, which is a nationwide association of senior citizens.

Through this organization, they try to do a lot of things for old aged people. He stays at Sector 17 of Nerul. This area is newly developed. Inner roads were not developed in that area for quite a long period. Mr. S. S. Rao took initiative. He met a local corporation, followed up with the Municipal Corporation, and got it done. He loved playing electronic musical instruments but he could not pursue that due to his career in a completely different field.

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