What Is Contract Publishing?

The world of businesses is increasingly shifting to outside resources to produce their directories and other publications like books magazines, announcements, newspapers, under a contract. This growth in contract publishing (referred to as Custom Publishing ) is truly an awareness that outsourcing can make feel from both price and logistical aspects as an alternative to outsourcing you can use internal sources. The organization’s internal commission control sources and the project that is assigned to an outside organization, which has the structures and tactics in place to ensure a high-satisfactory product, delivered on time, and within budget. This is the developing technique of desire for several groups starting from agencies and institutions to change blocks, universities, and different institutions

What Is Contract Publishing?

What Is Contract Publishing

This is the demand of the business. There are Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Unions, Consumer forums, Sports clubs, Associations Medical Practitioners, Small business groups that do not have professional publishing set up. Contract publishing includes Editorial content creation, DTP and corrections, designing and page making, Offset or digital printing, and despatch of copies to members. They also collect advertisements to meet the cost of publishing and distributing. One such example Is Indian Electrical Contractor and Trader which is a trade magazine being published by Campaign Masters for Electrical Contractors Association of Maharashtra for the last 20 years.

Why You Should Do Contract Publishing?

Why You Should Do Contract Publishing There are several trade associations, clubs, and offices in every city. They are managed by honorary directors who work voluntarily. Many of them publish bulletins or periodical magazines for the members. But the directors have limitations of time and they have no experience in writing reports, proofreading, pagination, and publishing. Hence, it is noticed that the bulletins or the magazines are not published in time and they lack perfection.

These associations are also conducting events like seminars, conferences, workshops, etc for the benefit of the members. They also resolve issues faced by the members. But these are not properly published for the information of the members. Hence many associations often opt for contract publishing. If it is a registered magazine, the ownership of the title remains with the association, and the work of writing, editing, printing, publishing, dispatching, etc. is given on a contractual basis. The contractor also generates advertisement revenue to cover all the costs. So the association gets the service free of any charges. This becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

Campaign Masters has earned expertise in this kind of contract publishing business. We have a dedicated editorial team to source news, articles, interviews, and profiles. The DTP operators and the creative staff does the typing, proofreading, pagination, and all pre-press operations. The marketing team canvasses for advertisements, the revenue of which is used for the entire process. Once the printing process is completed and the copies are ready, the dispatch department does all the formalities of posting the copies to the members.

Then the accounts department raises invoices and recovers advertisement charges. All these activities are done on a time-bound schedule. Thus the regularity of the magazine is ensured and it becomes an effective mouthpiece of the association. This kind of service is required by airlines, corporate houses, educational institutes, and cultural organizations. Hence it has a bright future as a noble profession in media.

Types Of Contract Publishing

Types Of Contract Publishing

Customer Magazines: Customer magazines are magazines posted by businesses or corporations for his or her customers/members. They offer an effective and advanced form of advertising message with millions of readers using the machine in well-focused editorial and responding definitely to the ‘smooth sell’ that a purchaser mag allows.

Promotional Material: This can vary from company brochures to magazines. Depending upon the desires of man or woman clients, they can promote company picture and services/products, funding, or tourism. the potential of nations, states or regions, and various other items.

Commemorative Publications: Commemorative Publications are launched on historic or auspicious occasions. These could encompass National Days, State Visits, Important Anniversaries, and so on.

Newsletters: Newsletters are valuable tools for conveying the message of the customer organization, whether or not they are, other authorities organizations or corporations.

Books: While the main focus of the business is to Contact Publishing, we do put up books – mostly those of first-time authors. Sometimes, to avoid risk, we surely put up the e-book for the author (who will pay us) and flip over the entire print run to him/her for sales and distribution.



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