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Women Empowerment By Anushka Patil Industrial Engineer at Mahindra’s

“I completed my Production engineering degree and started working as an Industrial Engineer at Mahindra’s Nashik plant 13 years ago. At that time, a female engineer on the shopfloor was unprecedented, and I’m thankful to the manufacturing manager’s courage to entrust me with the role. As the sole female engineer in a male-dominated vertical, operating […]

Bharat Forge Ltd. Acquired JS Auto Cast Foundry India Pvt. Ltd.

We’re glad to announce that Bharat Forge Limited, along with its subsidiary BF Industrial Solutions Limited has completed the acquisition of JS Auto Cast Foundry India Pvt. Ltd. This acquisition will significantly enhance Bharat Forge’s capabilities and addressable market segments both domestically and in export markets, especially in niche industrial segments. Additionally, it will bring […]

What Is Cable Testing And How Is Cable Testing Done

Cabling is an expensive business and must be treated carefully. The expenditure of substitution once the routes are all concealed is bigger. The fault is not always visible like crushing, bending or kinking. Make sure that your cabling installer have made provision to protect installed cabling from other worker’s actions. This is substantially less costly […]

MSME Schemes – Launched By The Indian Government For MSME Business Owner

MSME: The country’s economy depends on the country’s industries. India is currently developing, which means that new businesses are being started in the country. The largest contributors to the country’s GDP are small and medium enterprises. With this in mind, the central government has launched the MSME scheme to give impetus to new industries. The MSME […]

Russia Will Play A Major Role In India’s Energy Sector 2022

The old times in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) still remember how its foreign subsidiary ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) was on the verge of closure in the early 2000s. Although OVL was established in 1965, until that time the company had only explored offshore Vietnam, which required higher investments for monetization. In 2001, when […]

Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign

Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan Technical Awareness and Training Campaign Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Installations: The mass awareness campaign on electrical safety started on June 26 2021, announced as the National Electrical Safety Week by the Central Electricity Authority. The campaign successfully completed more than 85 sessions during the period July 2021 to April 2022, participated […]

Green Energy Solutions And Its Types

There is a good deal of potential for green energy solutions at this time and in the future. green energy solutions and conducive technologies are going to be able to scale back the fuel demand across multiple industries. it’s projected that by 2030, the quantity of energy needed around the world for industrial functions can grow by 2 hundredths compared to its current level however thereupon, the employment of reusable and renewable energy technologies will facilitate eating away at these high demands. every trade must take into account the impact they’re having on greenhouse gas emissions and overall potency. Renewable green energy solutions offer a chance for […]