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Flexible Electrical Wire: Top Benefits & Features Of Flexible Cables

In different industrial applications, flexible cables and wires are much beneficial. The flexibility in wiring does not happen by magic. When you apply high-quality material obtained with a smart engineering process, the flexible wire is produced. Let us discuss some of the important features and benefits. 1.) Increase Service Life Due to High Level of […]

Microbiome Therapy: A Potential Approach To Disease Management

Dr Ashok Kumar, President,CRD, IPCA Laboratories, explains how a focussed research on microbiomebased interventions can help to understand the mechanism of action for developing a more rational and scientific approach and clinical efficacy data,before giving it as a therapy to patients Compassion or an act of kindness with selfless motive makes people ‘feel good deep […]

What Are PVC Insulated Cables And Their Benefits?

Polyvinyl Chloride is what PVC in a PVC cable stands for. Generally, any electric wire that has a Polyvinyl Chloride jacket or insulation is referred to as a PVC cable. They are widely used because of their high chemical, water, and heat resistance while being extremely flexible and sturdy. However, there are a few more […]

Mr Kaustubh Taware, Director, Marketing, Rohitra India Pvt Ltd (RIPL) 

Rohitra India Pvt Ltd, popularly known as RIPL, caters to the widest spectrum of transformer applications. RIPL who manufactures BIS 1180 transformers up to 2500 KVA, has a strong focus on quality assurance.  The representative of IECT interacted with Mr Kaustubh Taware who is the marketing director of the company at the Expo organized by […]

Mr. Ganesh Kashikar, Director, Alliance Panels & Switchgears Pvt. Ltd.

Developing and Producing effective electrical and mechanical product solutions Alliance Panels & Switchgears, popularly known as APS, offers a wide range of medium voltage electrical products, having presence in the domestic and the international market. IECT representative Ashish Rajeshirke visited the stall of APS at the Expo of Ecam held at Pune and had a […]

Mr. Rohit Gosalia, Director, Pristine Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Rohit Gosalia, Director “As per Requirement, we mould ourselves in Business” Pristine Engineering Services, wholesale traders, suppliers and service providers, has an advanced infrastructure which caters to all the needs of their customers. The facilities here are laced with all the needed machinery and equipment. Mr Gosalia, director of the company, interacted with the […]

Mr. Aakash Saraf, Managing Director of Aakash Powertech Pvt. Ltd.

Commitment and Principles are the Foundations of our Business. Aakash Powertech has innovated from a trading unit to integrated business development, marketing and sales service for their principals They call it a Resourceful Partnership. Recently, Aakash Powertech participated in the Expo arranged by Ecam at Pune. Our representative interviewed Mr Saraf and had a long […]

Mr. Jatan Dodeja, President, Vashi Integrated Solutions  

In next five years, we will become a leading name in all segments of Electrical sector. Vashi Integrated Solutions, a leading provider of industrial, electrical, automation, power transmission and energy optimization products, is a channel partner of many global brands. Our representative interacted with Mr Jatan Dodeja at the Pune Expo organised by Ecam. A […]