An Inverter Bulb Is A Great And Economical Way To Avoid Sudden Darkness

An inverter bulb is a great and economical way to avoid sudden darkness during a power cut. It is also known as an emergency bulb. An inverter bulb is such a solution in which an auto sensor is installed, which automatically burns when the power is cut. That is, there is no need to switch ON when the power is cut.

This bulb can be used in the kitchen, reading place, drawing room, etc. in homes and is also used in shops, and offices. Due to this, any kind of accident can also be avoided during a sudden power cut. If you also want to buy Inverter Led Bulb for your home, you can purchase it from any online or offline store.

Knowing some special things about this bulb

  • Charging Time – 8 Hrs.
  • Backup Time – 2 Hrs.
  • Life – 3 years.
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Price range – Rs. 3,00
  • Wattage 9W – 12W

You will get it at a very low price. Their battery backup is tremendous. It works for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

Things to keep in mind while buying rechargeable inverter bulbs

  • Battery time: If you suffer frequent power cuts, it is better to buy a rechargeable bulb with high back up time stretch.
  • Battery protection from over-charging: Repeated cycle for charge and discharge reduces battery life. It is advised to go for a bulb that offers protection against over-charging.
  • Light intensity: It is advised to check the lighting intensity of the bulb before buying, as per the requirements of the location where it is to be installed.


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